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A small private healing sanctuary near Merrymeeting Bay in Bowdoinham, Maine
Wood fired sauna and outdoor hot tub rental
Massage therapy

Open six days a week (Tuesday-Sunday)  11am - 8:30pm

A Calm Escape

Here, on eight acres of gardens and woods, we have created a healing sanctuary where you can relax, rejuvenate and unwind your tight muscles and busy mind. Come solo, or with a friend or two (six at most), and spend time moving between the sauna, the hot tub just outside the door, and the beautiful garden. The space is small and cozy so you and your friends have the entire space to yourselves. Click the video button to see what our entire facility looks like.

Darcy and Ray were both trained at the Downeast School of Massage. We specialize in deep tissue massage techniques blended with classic Swedish massage.

The sauna has buttery smooth cedar benches, a cold shower for rapid cooldown, and a water bucket. Pour water on the rocks on top of the woodstove to create a cloud of steam, or enjoy a dry sauna. Most people like 170F - 180F, but if you are a serious sauna person we can increase the temperature to 200F. In wintertime, step off the hot tub terrace and roll in the snow! Otherwise, cool off in the sauna's cold shower.

The deep hot tub is on a terrace under a vine covered arbor. Our water sanitizing system uses a non-chlorine, non-bromine sanitizer (MPS), and silver sanitizer. Body lotions and moisturizers gum up the filtration system, so please refrain from applying them. If your appointment includes heating and massage, heating comes first, followed by massage.

The garden and hot tub are hidden from view, so swimsuits are optional.

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